glass bottle for a healthy start to the school year

A good deed for the new school year: Verallia supports sustainability in Bad Wurzach’s schools with a gift of hundreds of trendy reusable glass bottles.

“We would like to do something nice for the schoolchildren and help them to have a good and healthy start to the new school year,” said the letter sent out by the company Verallia to local schools. 400 “Emil” bottles will therefore be given as a gift to the new pupils starting at the primary and secondary schools in Bad Wurzach. As a large local manufacturer of glass packaging, Verallia is leading by example and spreading its message of health and sustainability.

Prevent waste

“Emil the Bottle” was developed nearly 25 years ago by the mother of a schoolchild. She wanted to prevent packaging waste and provide children with a clean and healthy drinking container for their daily intake of liquids. The core of the bottle is made from glass, enabling all beverages to be stored without affecting the taste. A flexible protector made from plasticiser-free polypropylene shields the bottle against breakage. “Emil the Bottle” is also known as “The bottle you wear”, as it comes dressed in a material “bottle suit” in a range of trendy designs.

As it is made from glass, the bottle can be thoroughly cleaned just like any other glass container. It can be used for as long as you want with any type of beverage, for example tea or water and fruit juices. Originally conceived in Wittibreut in Bavaria, this ingenious idea has since spread across German, Austria and Switzerland. This is the first time that glass manufacturer Verallia is sponsoring this special campaign for schools.

The feedback received from the schools has been very positive. The Salvatorkolleg Bad Wurzach grammar school wrote in its letter of thanks: “Today we received delivery of 127 Emil bottles for our new year 5 pupils. We are extremely pleased that the ecompany Verallia Saint-Gobain Oberland AG thought of our young schoolchildren and wanted to do something nice for them with this gift of lovely bottles. For about a year now we have had two drinking fountains in the school, so these bottles will come in very handy. We would like to thank you on behalf of the year 5 pupils and their parents. The bottles will be presented to the children on Sunday at their enrolment ceremony, providing a fitting occasion to hand over these gifts to their new owners.” The primary school in Eintürnen was also very pleased: “Our sincere thanks for the useful and pretty bottles for our year 1 schoolchildren. They were very excited to receive this generous gift.”