Two Winners

Verallia Design Award Germany: best concept and technical realisability awarded

Verallia Deutschland once again hosted the Design Award in collaboration with the Stuttgart College of Media. Students on the Packaging Development Management degree course who are aiming to do a Master's, submitted their ideas to an impressed Verallia Deutschland jury.

 “What the young people have achieved in a short amount of time is astounding”, explains Jürgen Mayer, head of the DesignCenter at the Verallia Deutschland headquarters in Bad Wurzach. Creative ideas were combined with realistic market observations by the participants and in this way developed into well-founded concepts.

 The jury, chaired by Jürgen Grasel, Commercial Director of Verallia Deutschland, was accordingly very positively about it. What the junior packaging engineers from Stuttgart came up with on the themes of “spreads” and “active drinks” impressed both the marketing experts and the technicians. In order to factor in the range of different work that was done, two prizes were awarded: one for “best concept” and another for “technical realisability”.

 Inspired by traditional Japanese matcha bowls, Leonie Vetter, Laura Kurpat and Tessa-Marijana Cubelic developed a glass container for houmous. This places the emphasis on the natural, healthy product. Based on the Japanese wabi-sabi concept of the perception of beauty, a container with a wooden top was presented – one which can also be reused for a variety of purposes. The Verallia jury awarded this first prize for “best concept”.

 In the active drinks range Liane Jehle, Tobias Fehr and Lisa Scherer submitted a design for fitness drinks which “could be made market-ready in a short space of time”, as Jürgen Mayer of the DesignCenter explains. The design with irregularly-applied glass drops immediately conjures associations with “the freshness of dew” – as the design was called. The combination of standard top and unique form makes this idea quite a realisable one. The jury awarded this first prize in the category of “technical realisability”.